Choosing The Right Kitchen Style

You've done your research, flicking through magazines, trawling through websites and Pinterest and may be been impressed by a friend's or neighbour's new kitchen. But despite all the options available you're still not sure what style of kitchen is going to be right for your home. Well panic not, with all the choice available your perfect kitchen is very much within reach. From our experience, if you can answer the 3 key questions of what style, what finish and what colour you'll be well on your way to establishing a brief to discuss with your independent retailer and making your perfect kitchen a reality. In this blog we'll address these 3 key questions and highlight some ranges across the style spectrum.

There are a number of factors which may influence your style of kitchen. Here are a couple of important but key considerations you may need to think about:
When was your property built? An old farmhouse or centuries old cottage obviously has a very different look and feel to a new build, so if you're keen that your new kitchen suits the character of your home choose a style that complements it rather than contrasts. Equally, there are many modern designs and extensions used in period townhouses to great effect. The link is often the unfussy style used.
Does your kitchen have an open-plan design? If so, it can be a challenge to stamp a different personality on this space compared to the rest of the room. If you do opt for a separate look, think about how you might want to unite the space. Will it be a gradual change or a more definite start and finish?

Kitchen styles

In the broadest sense, the spectrum of kitchen styles ranges from traditional through to modern with some classic ranges having a foot in either camp depending on how they're accessorised. You can go all the way with one style for a very consistent and uniform look or have the freedom to mix and match elements for a more individual approach. There really are no rules so it's what is best for you and your needs. But remember a new kitchen is a big investment so it's may be best to avoid something which could become the victim of fashion.

Contemporary Kitchens

For the archetypal modern look it's hard to look past the simple slab design. This kitchen style features kitchen cabinet doors and drawers with no frame, detail or panelling. One of our best selling and affordable ranges in the slab style is Porter. Available in a choice of 30 paint-to-order colours in a matt or gloss finish you can choose a single colour of mix and match for a more personalised look. If you have a young family consider the matt finish as it avoids finger prints from little people on the high gloss cabinets. This range also benefits from the flexibility of using a recessed handleless rail for full handleless designs.


Handleless style

For a true handleless kitchen style Remo is our favourite. The ever popular JPull integrated handle offers uninterrupted lines, easy opening and effortless cleaning.

Lichfield takes the popular JPull design and a slimmed down version of the traditional shaker frame to give the classic shaker a very modern edge. Available from stock in four finishes including a light rye oak woodgrain finish and darker espresso as well as an extended paint-to-order palette.


Shaker style

This timeless kitchen design consists of kitchen cabinet doors and drawers with either flat or inset panels. The flat panel design option offers a more modern look particularly in whites and lighter tones.


It's not hard to see why Milbourne is our most popular Shaker design. With its chunky frame, subtle textured finish and feature v-groove joints, Milbourne suits both traditional and modern settings.


A Shaker-style kitchen with a smooth painted finish. Fitzroy has been restyled for the twenty-first century and includes a selection of feature doors and accessories which gives the flexibility to create a classic or modern look.

All of the above styles are currently in the showroom as full size sets or sample doors. Please pop in for a look to appreciate the quality and versatility for yourselves.